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Consultants may work with multiple companies at one time, only spending a few hours a week on each. Or, they might be brought in full-time for 6 months to solve a bigger problem. It all depends on the company and the issue it’s trying to tackle.

Consultation is basically

Consultants are people who specialize in helping clients resolve their company’s most urgent problems, issues, or projects. They work across a huge range of roles and industries and share their gift of analyzing information and identifying the best path for each company to take.

Let’s Codinga

There are 17 different types of Consulting jobs we offer

We can say that we are on the way to the success of the business.

Let’s Codinga

Types Of Consultations

  1. Strategy consulting
  2. Marketing consulting
  3. Operations consulting
  4. Financial consulting
  5. HR consulting
  6. Startup Business Consultants
  7. IT/ Technology consulting
  8. Legal consultant
  9. Social media consultant
  10. Design consultant
  11. Sales consultant
  12. Growth Marketing consultant
  13. Career coaching consultancy
  14. PR consultancy
  15. SEO consulting
  16. Leadership consulting
  17. Product development consulting

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It becomes clear to us that marketing, public relations management and business development have a positive relationship, We cannot progress without any of those methods and procedures that Codinga provides.

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